“Mega Trippy” Mutant Ape #30005 Revealed by 0xb1

Credit: Mutant Ape Yacht Club

A BAYC holder showed off the latest Mega Mutant Ape NFT on social media. 

Officially numbered Mutant Ape #30005, this multi-colored NFT is arguably the trippiest in the Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Mutant Ape #30005 seems to have a liquid form with globs of “paint-fur” swirling all around him. Unsurprisingly, Mutant Ape #30005 quickly earned the title “Mega Trippy” in the MAYC.  

The big reveal of the latest Mega Mutant Ape took place on February 22nd to commemorate 2/22/22. According to 0xb1’s Twitter feed, the Mega Mutant Reveal party started at 6 pm EST on lion_eth’s Twitter and on Twitch @MutantCartel. 

The BAYC community knew 0xb1 bought an M3 Serum NFT in December of 2021, but nobody knew what he would do with it. According to the Bored Ape Gazette, 0xb1 bought an M3 Serum NFT for 999 ETH from fellow BAYC member degen_ape. At the time of sale, this was roughly $3.8 million.

Shortly after buying the M3 Serum, 0xb1 hinted he would offer fractionalized shares of this NFT on the platform FODL Finance. However, with the “Mega Trippy” reveal on February 22nd, it’s clear 0xb1 decided otherwise. 

Crazily, this isn’t the only Mega Mutant Ape in 0xb1’s portfolio. 0xb1 is well-known for purchasing Mutant Ape #4849 for 350 ETH. Mutant Ape #4849 is better known as the “Mega Demon” NFT, and it’s currently 0xb1’s Twitter profile pic. 

Like Mutant Ape #30005, Mutant Ape #4849 has a rarity score of #1 on Rarity Sniper’s official MAYC rankings

What makes a Mutant Ape “Mega?” 

To understand why certain Mutant Ape NFTs are “Mega,” it’s essential to review the three unique Mutant Serum NFTs. 

BAYC founder Yuga Labs airdropped one of three Serum NFTs to all 10,000 Bored Ape holders in August of 2021. M3 Serum is the rarest of these NFTs, with a total supply of just eight. By contrast, there are 7,500 M1 Serums and 2,492 M2 Serums.

Not only is M3 an incredibly scarce NFT, it will always generate a wholly new and ultra-rare Mega Mutant Ape when paired with a Bored Ape NFT. These Mega Mutant Apes have one “Mega” trait and a bright green background. By contrast, Mutant Apes made with M1 or M2 Serums will retain a few of their original traits. 

Now that 0xb1 created the “Mega Trippy” Mutant Ape, there are only two M3 Serum NFTs in existence. As mentioned in a previous Rarity Sniper post, Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal holds one of these M3 Serums in his NFT portfolio.  

However, just because there are eight M3 Serums doesn’t mean there are eight Mega Mutant Apes. Yuga Labs listed five Mega Mutant Ape NFTs for auction, which means there are 13 Mega Mutant Apes. Currently, there are 11 Mega Mutant Apes in the MAYC.