French Montana Will Drop “French Family” NFTs

Credit: Nabil

Rapper French Montana says he’s working on an exclusive “French Family” NFT collection. According to initial reports, Montana’s upcoming NFTs will grant holders access to dozens of perks, including VIP events and partial royalty rights. 

The LA-based artist Bluboy will help Montana design “French Family” NFTs, but there are no details on what these digital collectibles will look like. There’s also no official release date for the “French Family” NFT collection.

However, French Montana tweeted that people need an invitation to access “French Family’s” official Discord channel. He encouraged fans to follow his social media and tag friends if they wanted access to the “French Family” community. Montana will notify anyone accepted onto his Discord server around June 15th.

It appears the “French Family” NFT collection will include PFP NFTs and VIP access passes. Montana suggested NFT holders could use their digital tokens to access metaverse experiences and IRL live events. 

There’s also speculation that Montana will drop audio NFTs related to his upcoming album “Montega.” Some NFTs may grant holders a cut of “Montega’s” royalties. 

Like dozens of other hip-hop artists, French Montana is an avid supporter of Web3 and a noted NFT collector. About a month ago, the Moroccan-American musician spent 99 ETH to add Bored Ape #5489 to his NFT collection. Montana also owns NFTs from high-profile projects like Moonbirds, Azuki, and CyberKongz. 

Anyone interested in “French Family” NFTs can follow the Twitter feed “@MTG_USM.” 

Musicians Reward Fans in the Metaverse 

Most of the discussion related to music NFTs centers around their ability to give musicians better control over their art. Recording artists are hopeful blockchain technology will open new revenue streams and preserve their artistic integrity. 

However, as French Montana’s NFTs highlight, many musicians are interested in using Web3 to reward their fans. Whether it’s VIP concerts, exclusive merchandise, or metaverse games, more prominent celebrities are adding utility to their NFTs. 

In fact, the first NFT album — the Kings of Leon’s When You See Yourself — rewarded NFT collectors with various metaverse or IRL perks. Since then, dozens of other musicians have introduced incentives to join their NFT communities. 

More recently, The Chainsmokers dropped NFTs that included partial ownership rights for their album So Far So Good. DJ Tiësto also announced a new “Eagle” NFT community that will grant holders unique experiences. 

Across all genres, musicians seem to be interested in using NFTs to reward fans for their loyalty.