WWE Announces “NFT Flips” Collection on Moonsault

Credit: WWE

One week after launching its Moonsault NFT platform, World Wrestling Entertainment will drop its first set of NFTs called “NFT Flips.” On June 3rd, anyone with a Moonsault account could buy one of 3,370 “NFT Flips” cases for $30 per item. 

Each “NFT Flips” case will have three digital collectibles tied to WWE superstars. After the WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” airs on June 5th, NFT holders will notice their tokens transform into official clips from the popular pay-per-view event. 

For convenience, Moonsault accepts both fiat and crypto to mint and trade WWE NFTs. 

If wrestling fans can’t snag “NFT Flips,” the WWE says there will be many more NFT drops in the future. The Connecticut-based company suggested most of its upcoming NFT launches will coincide with major WWE shows and events.

Although “NFT Flips” will be the first NFT collection sold on Moonsault, it’s not technically the WWE’s “Genesis” collection. The WWE awarded “Moonsault Genesis NFTs” to the first 10,000 people who logged into the Moonsault platform. According to the WWE, it took less than a day for fans to claim all of its Moonsault Genesis NFTs. 

As Rarity Sniper previously reported, FOX Entertainment’s Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) helped create the WWE Moonsault platform. Every NFT on Moonsault lives on the Eluvio blockchain. 

Pro Fighters Make Their Way into the NFT Market  

Interestingly, Moonsault isn’t the only site where wrestling fans can find WWE fighters on Web3. A few months ago, Rarity Sniper discovered the actress Mila Kunis is developing an NFT-focused animated series featuring many WWE wrestlers. 

Called “The Gimmicks,” this adult comedy allows NFT holders to have a say in the future direction of the show’s storyline. A few WWE stars that agreed to voice characters in “The Gimmicks” include Rocky Romero, “The Good Brothers,” and Karl Anderson. 

While it’s clear the WWE is on-board with NFT collecting, that doesn’t mean other pro fighting leagues are standing aside. 

For instance, many mixed martial arts organizations have successful NFT platforms. Most notably, UFC now has its UFC Strike store on Flow and a partnership with Crypto.com’s NFT site. The Professional Fighters League also announced a deal with Mercury to launch tradeable NFTs. 

Rarity Sniper also recently discovered Altered State Machine will bring the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali into the metaverse. Using advanced AI technology, “Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends” will help gamers simulate a pro boxing experience. 

Whether fans prefer the WWE, MMA, or traditional boxing, there are plenty of “knockout” NFTs in Web3.