Curzio Research Pays $5 Million for Metaverse Land

Credit: TCG World

One of Wall Street’s top stock pickers is now picking up land in the metaverse.

On May 25th, the metaverse game TCG World tweeted that it closed a $5 million land sale with Frank Curzio’s publishing company Curzio Research. According to recent reports, this is the highest price anyone has paid for metaverse land. 

Curzio Research now holds 19 city land plots in TCG World’s Asia district. Twelve of these land NFTs measure 128 m x 128 m, while the remaining seven are 256 m x 256 m. In total, TCG World has 100,000 land plots, all of which are on the Binance Smart Chain. 

In recent podcasts, Frank Curzio says he’s bullish on the future of metaverse technology. Curzio also believes TCG World has great growth potential due to its “low fee structure” and many opportunities for socializing, entertainment, and gaming. 

Curzio Research plans to use its land in TCG World to build a more immersive extension of its primary website. Members of the Curzio Research community will be able to connect with fellow investors at metaverse conferences, interviews, and live shows. 

Curzio Research plans to have all of its land parcels developed when TCG World is slated to launch in September. 

Interestingly, another famous Wall Street-related website also bought virtual land in TCG World’s Asia district. The famous Reddit community WallStreetBets is building its metaverse experience in the same area Curzio Research is. 

Virtual Land Keeps Hitting New All-Time Highs

Before Curzio Research’s recent purchase in TCG World, The Sandbox held the honor of selling the most expensive piece of virtual land. Near the end of 2021, the investment firm Republic Realm spent $4.3 million on 2,500 Sandbox land plots.

Not long before Republic Realm’s deal with The Sandbox, reports suggested the competing game Decentraland sold the most expensive land NFT in history. In this deal, the site bought valuable land NFTs in Decentraland’s fashion district for around $2.4 million.

Over the past few months, Rarity Sniper has reported on multiple celebrities, brands, and even investment firms that have spent a lot of money to own land in The Sandbox and Decentraland. A few of the most prominent names in these metaverses include:

  • HSBC
  • Warner Music Group 
  • Ledger
  • The Walking Dead 
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Paris Hilton 

Although The Sandbox and Decentraland attract the most headlines for their record land sales, Yuga Labs’ “Otherdeeds” remain some of the most actively traded land NFTs. In fact, “Otherdeed #59906” recently became the first NFT in the Otherside metaverse that sold for over $1 million.

With all of these high-priced sales for virtual land, someone might outdo Curzio Research’s $5 million purchase in the ensuing months.