DJ Kaskade Will Headline Metaverse Concert in April

Credit: Rollingstone

Electronic music fans could see DJ Kaskade perform in the metaverse on April 14th, 2022. The award-winning American DJ will headline an upcoming FutureFest concert on the Cardano blockchain.  

According to initial reports, Kaskade will play music from his Arkade label. To enhance the “arcade” theme, guests will see Kaskade performing inside a virtual pinball machine. 

There are two ways guests could attend Kaskade’s concert in April, but they both involve buying NFTs. The digital event platform FutureFest says guests need a Futurebot NFT or a 2022 Space Pass NFT to enter this event in its metaverse. 

“Futurebots” refer to FutureFest’s collection of 10,000 robot NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. In addition to serving as metaverse avatars, Futurebots can be used as NFT tickets to three VIP FutureFest shows. 

FutureFest also offers a set of 3,333 “Deluxe” Futurebot NFTs. Along with access to the three FutureFest events, Deluxe Futurebot holders will receive three bonus NFT airdrops.  

Since the Futurebots are on the Cardano blockchain, customers must have a Cardano-compatible wallet and ADA tokens to buy them. FutureFest recommends downloading the Nami wallet and browsing its NFTs on Cardano’s JPG Store, the reputed largest Cardano NFT marketplace. 

Along with Futurebots, FutureFest says it will recognize official 2022 Space Pass NFTs from Space Yacht’s official NFT collection. The event organizer Space Yacht has been putting on real-life music concerts in LA since 2015. Recently, Space Yacht has been getting more interested in hosting metaverse concerts and minting NFTs on Nifty Gateway. FutureFest and Space Yacht are official partners. 

The 2022 Space Pass NFT gives token-holders access to hundreds of physical and virtual events throughout the year. Space Yacht also rewards Space Pass holders with merchandise and early access to new music.  

Could NFTs ever replace physical tickets? 

Events like the upcoming Kaskade concert highlight the utility of NFT technology in the ticketing industry. Some NFT supporters believe these tokens can solve many issues within the traditional ticketing market.

In a recent CoinTelegraph report, NFT ticketing agencies claim their virtual tickets help deter counterfeiters and resellers. Plus, thanks to programmable royalty fees, some event organizers believe NFTs will better support artists. Even if NFT tickets are resold on the secondary market, artists could receive a cut of each transaction.

Also, many NFT enthusiasts believe digital tickets provide more opportunities for fan engagement. Recently, many NFT tickets have included secondary features like meet-and-greets, VIP experiences, and exclusive swag.

While it’s unclear how NFT tickets will disrupt traditional ticketing agencies, the entertainment industry is paying attention. For instance, Ticketmaster recently partnered with the NFL to offer commemorative Super Bowl tickets. Rarity Sniper has reported on big brands like NASCAR, the NBA, and Billboard, all of which are experimenting with exclusive NFT tickets.