Invisible Friends NFTs Partners with Kith Clothing

Credit: Invisible Friends / Kith

The NFT project Invisible Friends is working with the NY-based fashion brand Kith on an exclusive set of NFTs. Called “Kith Friends,” these new NFTs will resemble the original Invisible Friends NFTs, except they will all be wearing the latest Kith clothes. 

According to the Invisible Friends’ website, Kith’s CEO Ronnie Fieg worked directly with Invisible Friends’ head artist Markus Magnusson on the Kith Friends collection. Each Kith Friend NFT will feature clothes and fashion accessories from Kith’s Summer 2022 season. 

Invisible Friends will open bidding on May 18th at 11 AM EST on the first of nine unique Kith Friends NFTs. The money raised from this initial 24-hour auction will go to charity.

The eight remaining Kith Friends NFTs will drop for auction on May 19th at 1 PM EST. Anyone who wins a Kith Friend will receive the literal Kith clothing featured in their NFT. 

People who already hold an Invisible Friends NFT could participate in a special Kith Friends mint on May 20th. At 3 PM EST, Invisible Friends will drop three “larger edition” Kith Friends NFTs for Invisible Friends community members. These NFTs will cost $1,000 each.

People who hold a Kith Friends NFT will enjoy VIP access to future IRL Kith products. The apparel on each Kith Friend will “evolve” to signal when an NFT holder could buy exclusive Kith clothes or accessories. 

Lastly, Kith says it will sell two physical Invisible Friends hoodies on on May 20th. The first hoodie will be available between 11 AM and 12 PM EST. However, only people with an Invisible Friends NFT can buy the second hoodie within a 24-hour window starting at noon EST.

Clothing Brands Are Captivated by Web3

Fashion and apparel brands like Kith have been incredibly receptive to Web3 technologies. Whether it’s hosting fashion shows in the metaverse or releasing exclusive NFTs, it’s hard to find a clothing company that hasn’t been experimenting with blockchain tech.

A few weeks ago, Rarity Sniper reported on Gap’s collaboration with the designer Dapper Dan. Since the DAP GAP hoodies were a huge success in Gap stores, the company decided to drop NFT versions of Dapper Dan’s designs. Like Kith Friends, a few of these DAP GAP NFTs came with IRL clothing.  

Diesel is yet another fashion brand that has sold NFTs corresponding with its apparel. The Italian company’s “D:VERSE NFTs” give holders exclusive access to upcoming product launches, and a few came with current fashion items like a puffer jacket or sneakers. 

France’s Dior also jumped into the metaverse with a 2022 Men’s Fashion event on Meta ZiWU. Other big names like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo have already participated in metaverse fashion shows in Decentraland. 

With these high-profile connections in clothing and apparel, Web3 is definitely making a “fashion statement.”